mauricio klabin

Mauricio Klabin (1952-2000) was a Brazilian designer, journalist and mechanical engineer. With his work as a designer he wanted to transmit the feeling of wellbeing and protection, characterised by the absence of protruding angles, complex requirements or complicated instructions to use. His products are based on the concept that they had to be accessible for everyone. Klabin designed armchairs, a series of objects such as vases, bowls and jars and the most famous of all of them, the Eclipse lamp, a design that is included into the famous permanent collection of the MoMA of New York. About Eclipse, he said “I think that creation of a designer must be of a good quality, beautiful and affordable. With the Eclipse lamp I surpassed the trauma of expensive design. This lamp was ready many years before I produced it in series. I had the idea but wished to launch it only when it was possible to manufacture it in series, at low costs. Design muss be accessible by the great majority among us. I do not think it is neither good nor even appropriate to create objects for only half dozen of people. I need that popular objects to exist”.