ilse lang

Ilse Lang, born in 1959 in Caçapava in southern Brazil close to Uruguay and Argentina, is a graduated architect. Recognized today as one of the best contemporary Brazilian designers, she created her first piece of furniture in 1988, awarded with the 1st prize in the Movesp contest. This was a turning point in her career, when she decided to dedicate herself to furniture design. llse Lang understands simplification as an evolution: to focus on what is essential. A successful design cannot be reduced to a visual aspect or to an innovating technical answer – it is a balance between form and function. Her clever and innovative designs are characterised by simple and pure stroke resulting in a beautiful look. Founded by Lang in 1996, the Faro Design studio has been recognized in national and international publications and awards including participation in various Brazilian and international design exhibitions. One of the designs, the Tribo stool, is part of the current international exhibition “The Brazilian Art of Sitting” shown in Milano and London.