Brodie Neill is Tasmanian-born industrial designer based in London. He made his name with sculptural and futuristic-looking pieces made in limited editions for galleries and collectors. Lately he makes waves as co-founder and creative director of Made in Ratio, a company producing boundary-pushing contemporary furniture including famous Alpha, Cowrie or Supernova. Brodie’s vision is to bring thoughtful and progressive ideas to life that are in perfect proportion: of form and function, time-honoured and new materials, traditional hand craftsmanship and boundary-pushing digital process. Most of his designs are the result of organic engineering, inspired by nature and refined through technology – “The beauty and complexity found in nature continues to be my biggest source of inspiration; over millennia, through evolution, nature has already resolved many of the design challenges we face today. This inspiration manifests itself in the overall form as well as the details in my designs.“ Working alongside some of the finest craftspeople in Europe and championing honoured materials, his furniture is imbued with a spirit of innovation and design excellence. Since establishing his studio in London ‘s East End, Brodie Neill has worked with an impressive rooster of clients including Riva 1920, Swarovski and Kundalini and has collaborated with international brands including Microsoft, Mercedes-Benz and Alexander McQueen. His limited-edition works are included in museums, galleries and private collections around the globe.