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EMOSSAO, founded in 2018, is a Hamburg based design store and art gallery specializing in design furniture by famous Brazilian and Australian designers and architects.

We feature rare iconic editions and extraordinary, current design furniture along with a selection of contemporary art. Our aim is to inspire you with new perspectives offering unique and timeless designs, objects and art one wants to treasure forever.

EMOSSAO extensively investigates the story behind each design piece. The collection is sourced globally and we continuously search for extraordinary designers and artists representing skilful craftsmanship, working with high-quality materials or innovative techniques.

Beside offering design and art collections, EMOSSAO provides complete Interior Management and develops individual design solutions for any residential or commercial space in close cooperation with our architects, from the starting idea until finalization. 


Selected Designs


Alpha chair by Brodie Neill

In Hamburg we are the exclusive seller of the furniture brand Objekto, the licensed publisher of famous modernist and contemporary furniture by Brazilian architects and designers.

We are proud to be the exclusive seller in Germany of the innovative furniture brand Made in Ratio, founded by Australian designer Brodie Neill

We offer an exclusive collection from acclaimed Brazilian ceramic artists Elizabeth Fonseca and Gilberto Paim, available in Germany only at our gallery.


Design Furniture



All furniture in our collection is defined by design excellence with often sculptural quality, elegant lining, shaping and functionality.

EMOSSAO presents modernist design icons along with a new generation of designers from Brazil together with the innovative furniture embracing digital and experimenting processes by Australian designer.

No matter if you choose one of rare iconic editions or a contemporary design, each of our design furniture becomes a real eye-catcher in any space.

We cultivate close relationships with all our designers and suppliers and work only with partners committed to sourcing sustainable wood.

FDC1 lounge chair from Flavio de Carvalho
Porcelain box with wooden lid by Elizabeth Fonseca




EMOSSAO offers a collection of decorative objects from the finest design studios and manufacturers. 

An exclusive collection from acclaimed Brazilian ceramic artists Elizabeth Fonseca and Gilberto Paim is in Germany available only at our gallery.

Elizabeth Fonseca and Gilberto Paim are internationally recognized for their highly artisan approach and over 30 years of continuous creative research in the field of porcelain handcraft.


Contemporary Art



EMOSSAO closely collaborates with established and up-and-coming artists representing selected artistic positions in the fields of contemporary photography, drawing and printmaking. The collaboration between the artists and the gallery takes place in the context of limited editions available only at our gallery. 

Risography by Björn Westphal